Maisemakuva Finlaysonin alueen katolta Frenckellin suuntaan

We offer a unique opportunity to experience and see the city from a whole new perspective, with walking trails built on the roofs of historic buildings.

The Roof Walk routes have been designed, built and operated by Amazing City Oy together with the Finlayson area and Café KATTO.

City View route

The City View route starts from the iconic landscape to Tammerkoski and continues towards a completely new view in the direction of Keskustori. In addition to admiring the scenery, you will hear historical and surprising stories about Tampere.


The experience is implemented in small groups under the guidance of a guide. For safety reasons, the group size is max. 6 people.

The total duration is about 60 min.


Because the route travels on walkways without railings, each participant must wear a safety harness that is connected to a safety wire. For this reason, we don’t recommend a skirt or dress as attire for visitors. Please notice when choosing footwear that the route runs on steel gratings and there are stairs on the route.

Booking in advance is required for the City View route.

NOTE! Arrive about 15 minutes before the scheduled time.

Maisemakuva Finlaysonin alueen katolta Tammerkosken suuntaan

Panorama Deck

Maisemakuva Finlaysonin alueen katolta Näsijärven suuntaan

There is also another family-friendly route on the roof, which runs along the roofs of old factory buildings along walking trails. The route takes you to the observation deck, which has a unique view of the former industrial areas, the Tammerkoski landscape and Lake Näsijärvi.

The Panorama Deck route can be traversed at your own pace without the need for a safety harness. There is always a guide on site to ask about the area and scenery if you wish.

Please note that there are stairs along the route, so it is not wheelchair accessible.

No advance booking is required, admission tickets are sold by Café KATTO, which operates on the same roof.

The Panorama Deck is open daily from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.

The ticket price is 4 € / person

Contact information

Maisemakuva Finlaysonin alueen katolta Näsijärven suuntaan

Routes can be found at Satakunnankatu 18A. Follow the signs from Finlayson’s Siperia shopping center or from the slide door entrances to the Media 54 building.



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